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Who is My Advisor?

If you have recently been admitted to CSU with a major in the College of Liberal Arts, you will meet your advisor at orientation.

If you currently have a major in the College of Liberal Arts, you can find your advisor on your RamWeb or by calling the Academic Support Center at (970) 491-3117.

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  • Rosanna Bateman

    • Assistant Director, Academic Success Coordinator

    • Art and Art History

  • Gentry Noel-Heunes

    • Academic Success Coordinator

    • All College of Liberal Arts
    • Art and Art History

Your CLA Advisor

What They Do & What They Don't

Academic Advisors Do:

  • Help you understand your degree plan and plan out the rest of your undergraduate education
  • Act as your advisor for academic guidance
  • Advise you if you are struggling with classes or professors
  • Advocate for you and help you connect with resources across campus to ensure you succeed in college
  • Inform you of activities and events related to your major

Academic Advisors Do Not:

  • Register for classes for you
  • Pick out classes for you*
  • Override students into classes*
  • Fix registration system issues on RamWeb
  • Approve a change of major or minor to another department/college
  • Sign repeat/delete forms
  • Add or advise for your minor
  • Evaluate transfer credit or study abroad forms
  • *Some exceptions apply

The Advising Syllabus is the College of Liberal Arts
Academic Support Center's guiding document for advising.
This document outlines the responsibilities
of each party in the advising relationship.