Academic Success Coordinator



Elizabeth Terry-Emmot is the primary advisor for the International Studies Major. She also advises for Political Science and Sociology (and some others as well). She completed an Associates Degree at Aims Community College and her undergraduate and graduate work at Colorado State University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communication Studies, as well as a Master of Science in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Elizabeth has taught Public Speaking, a first-year seminar focused on International Studies, and facilitated a Ram Connections Mentoring Group for several fall semesters for incoming freshmen. Previously, Elizabeth served as an advisor for undeclared students in the Center for Advising and Student Achievement, as well as for several majors, minors, and certificates within the College of Liberal Arts.

In her time at CSU, Elizabeth has been involved in many different activities. She was the President of the Non-Traditional Student Club, the Co-President of the Philosophy Club, the Vice President of the Student Alumni Connection, the Single Parent Coordinator in Aggie Village, the Assistant Manager of University Village, a class notes editor for the Alumni Magazine, and the Director of the CLA Advising Center. She also has helped facilitate at the Multicultural Leadership retreat several times and facilitated at the student of color retreat in the past.

Elizabeth has been abroad several times and is very interested in international topics. She loves advising students and truly enjoys helping students get the most from their education at CSU and their study abroad experiences. She is dedicated to teaching students how to manage their education and lives while in college in order to move them towards independence and self-sufficiency in their lives as adults after college.